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“Nobody ever dreamed that the Crystal Millennium would fall so soon…”

SM4200 Title

S A I L O R   M O O N   4 2 0 0

In the year 3478, the world ended.

The true nature of the destroyer was never discovered. It could control virtually any mechanical object. It turned millions of people all over the world into an army of mindless crystalline monsters. Most of the world was laid waste within a week.

Crystal Tokyo, defended by the Sailor Senshi and their Queen, held out for two months. Later, people would tell stories of that last, desperate defence: of the strength, skill and bravery of the Senshi in their final hour. But one by one, the Senshi fell. And at the last, Queen Serenity stood alone ... and was no more.

In the year 4200, a new world will be born…

A new world. A new age. The city of Third Tokyo has risen from the ashes. And a cat named Artemis leads a long, lonely search for the next generation of Sailor Senshi. A search that is about to bear fruit.

Some of the new Senshi will be old faces, reborn yet again. Some of them will be new. But one thing is certain: the ancient menace that destroyed Crystal Tokyo has never been defeated. And it is waiting for them.

The adventure is about to begin…

The Story

Prelude Revised: 24 September, 2005
Chapter 1: The Searchers Revised: 24 September, 2005
Chapter 2: Walking the Walk Revised: 24 September, 2005
Chapter 3: Senshi Fever Revised: 24 September, 2005
Chapter 4: Thunderbolt! Revised: 24 September, 2005
Chapter 5: Baptism of Fire Revised: 24 September, 2005
Chapter 6: Spies Revised: 22 October, 2005
Chapter 7: Transformation Revised: 5 November, 2005
Chapter 8: The Fifth Element Revised: 4 December, 2005
Chapter 9: Crystal Fall Revised: 21 January, 2006
Chapter 10: Discovery Revised: 2 April, 2006
Interlude: Queen Serenity and her Senshi First release: 7 June, 2004
Chapter 11: Spies (II) First release: 14 November, 2004
Chapter 12: Night Raid First release: 27 November, 2005
Chapter 13: The Face of the Enemy First release: 11 August, 2007
Chapter 14: Family First release: 29 May, 2010
Chapter 15: Friends and Allies   Revised: 22 September, 2021
Chapter 16: Spies (III) Forthcoming
Chapter 17: Those who Dwell in Shadow Forthcoming
Chapter 18: Holocaust Forthcoming
Chapter 19: The Face of the Master Forthcoming
Chapter 20: Doomsday Forthcoming
Chapter 21: ‘Ashes…’ Forthcoming
Coda Forthcoming
Appendix One: The Government of Japan Revised: 5 January, 2005
Appendix Two: The World of 4200 Revised: 5 January, 2005
Appendix Three: Timeline Revised: 18 December, 2005
Appendix Four: Who’s Who Revised: 14 August, 2007

Warning: All titles of forthcoming chapters are tentative.

Last Update: 22 September, 2021.
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